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System Solutions for Children. LLC provides a number of services designed to facilitate system integration of services and processes that directily impact children and their families. System Solutions for Children, LLC understands that multiple-system integration is both complex and challenging and can only be achieved within the parameters defined by each system’s resources, regulations, community standards of operations and applicable state and local regulations and laws.

System Solution for Children. LLC services include targeted on-site and web-based education and training utilizing a user-friendly, interactive format incorporating the most current research and “state of the art” evidence-based practices. This method of presentation creates a comfortable learning environment, minimizes time spent in the classroom, and produces a substantial cost benefit to the agency.

System Solutions for Children, LLC provides extensive resource and process inventories that identify the strengths of each system; areas for improvement; and available options for system integration while accommodating the uniqueness of each community and participating stakeholders.

System Solutions for Children, LLC provides technical assistance for implementation and integration of data collection and evaluation.


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